Repair Damaged Racks Prevent Future Damage to Racks

What Is Damotech?

The Damotech system is a complete upright repair and reinforcement kit, designed to easily and rapidly replace damaged column portions of a racking structure.

The fabricated structural steel is engineered to resist severe impact leads generated by mobile material handling equipment and to protect industrial storage systems from future damage

Why Does It Work?

  • Efficient – Conceived to facilitate the repair of damaged upright columns at a lower cost and with minimal interruption to warehouse operation
  • Versatile – Designed to be adapted to any type of damaged racking system.
  • Durable – Engineered to withstand impact loads of 30,000 lbs. and to protect columns from future impact and damage.
  • Safe – Configured to reinforce the integrity and stability of the existing racking system, and to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure that could result in injuries and expensive insurance claims.




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