AIR Casters

Whether your load is 500 or 500,000 pounds. Aero-Go equipment combines simplicity of operation with tremendous versatility to prove smooth, easy, omni-directional movement at a very affordable price.

Aero-Go load moving systems offer . . .

  • Load moving with minimal effort (about one pound of force can move 1,000 pounds of load).
  • Reduced chance of back injuries.
  • Low cost per pound of lift capacity.
  • Smooth, easy movement in any direction.
  • Clean, static-free operation.
  • Non-marking operation to protect floor surfaces.
  • Even distribution of the load to minimize stress on floors.
  • Cushioning effect, an advantage for moving delicate loads.
  • Ability to move heavy loads on raised tile computer floors.
  • Minimal space requirements under and around the load.
  • Low maintenance, with no moving parts.
  • Operation with standard industrial plant air.

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