SMH Provides and Installs Quality Edge of Docks across the United States of America.

Benefits of using Edge docks!

+ allow you to load/unload trucks safely and efficiently without cutting in a dock leveler pit.
+ Are generally good for 5” up and 3” down, the official heights are +/-5”
+ Can be hydraulic, Mechanical, or Hybrid to operate both mechanically and hydraulically

Transition Plates:

+ When there is inadequate curb steel we can install with countersunk transition plates.
+  The countersink protects your forklift tires and the drivers back.
+ The transition plate provides load transfer to solid slab for longevity.

Service and Repair

+ Planned Maintenance programs.. email or call
+ Service, Repairs and adjustments
+ Replacement Handles
+ Parts, Bumpers, Bumper blocks and miscellaneous parts in Stock
+ Replacement Handles, We supply OEM and replacement Multi-Fab Handles Pick the style and email a quote request. Most handles are under $100 with shipping in the continental US

VIEW SMH EOD Edge of Dock Leveler Brochure

  • Economical
  • Keep Trucks from hitting building wall on declined approaches
  • Safer than Portable boards
  • Manual or Hydraulic
  • May require a transition plate depending on curb steel type and condition.

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Looking for a unique product application or specialized service need?

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