Dock safety depends on many factors . . .

  • Alert, safety-conscious personnel
  • Equipment that’s in good operating condition
  • And, most importantly, a reliable truck restraining system. A restraining systems such as the hydraulic PowerHook II from Poweramp.

The PowerHook II Truck Restraint offers many advantages . . .

  • Only device available that seeks, finds and maintains a tight continuous hold on the ICC bar throughout loading and unloading operations.
  • Programmed to operate both vertically and longitudinally to eliminate any gap between the hook and ICC bar, effectively eliminating “trailer creep.”
  • For added safety . . . will not permit leveler operation until the hook is engaged (when PowerHook II is equipped with the leveler interlock option)
  • Only unit available that stores in the pit, completely concealed and out of the way. Great when clearing the driveway approach of snow or debris.

PowerHook II is firmly anchored in the loading dock pit for maximum holding power. The hook remains protected behind the pit wall until activated. The PowerHook II restraint is designed to withstand a pulling force of 35,000 lbs. giving you an extra margin of safety and protection. PowerHook II operates within 20″ vertical range. . . from 10″ to 30″ is standard. Its horizontal range is 1″ to 15″ from the building wall.



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