Personnel Carriers

All vehicles available in 36 operating volts . . .

Stock Chaser

The Wesley Stock Chaser, while copied, is never equaled. Its narrow width of 29 inches allows easy maneuverability in narrow aisles and walkways. Combine its narrow aisles and walkways. Combine its perfectly mated 2 h.p. direct drive motor to the direct drive transaxle with drum brakes on both rear wheels and you have smooth acceleration, performance, speed and braking. Add to this the standard solid state controller, built-in charger, hour meter, ammeter, volt meter and horn, and you have a vehicle that gives maximum performance whether carrying 1000 lbs of payload on its deck or towing 2000 lbs.

Maintenance Vehicle

One vehicle, that can serve four different functions. As a single-seat vehicle with its narrow 29″ width, it’s ideal for the plant manager or maintenance manager to get around fast. With its standard 30″ x 29″ cargo deck, it makes a great vehicle for parts expediting. Add a tool box and other maintenance items on the deck, and you will reduce response time to maintenance problems. Add an optional hinged tailgate, and you will be able to keep under lock and key and out of sight those costly tools and measurement devices.

Personnel Carrier

This one vehicle, can be built as a one-seat, two-seat, two-seat and a bench, or four-seat Personnel Carrier. The frame is constructed of heavy-gauge diamond plate steel with dual front wheels and drum brakes on both rear wheels. Add to this a 2 h.p. direct drive motor perfectly mated to the direct drive transaxle, along with it’s solid state controller and you have a versatile way of transporting up to four people.

Cargo Carrier

The Cargo Carrier comes in two styles – stand up model and the sit-down model. The Cargo Carrier has a large deck area, 48″ x 36″ located behind the operator for greater visibility. The unit features dual front wheels, heavy diamond plate frame, direct drive motor and transaxle with a solid state controller and built-in charger. All of these features with a 1000 lb. deck capacity and 2000 lb. towing capacity.


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