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Owner, Project Coordinator

Oliver Coleman
Outside Sales

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New Construction Estimates

Mailing Address:
Southern Material Handling, Inc.
P.O. Box 4025
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Phone (757) 488-4800
Fax (757) 488-4802

Facilities Address:
Southern Material Handling, Inc.
3015 Airline Blvd.,
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Southern Material Handling Inc.

Looking for a unique product application or specialized service need?

For special challenges, give SMH a call at (757) 488-4800 or fax your

application requirements to (757) 488-4802.


about Southern Material Handling, Inc.

We are technical professionals who have dedicated our lives to serving the industry in Virginia. Our sales staff is made up of architects and engineers not trained professional salesmen. We bring a high level of technical competency and creativeness to the table. Founded by Phil Smith in 1986, Southern Material Handling has satisfied customers all across Virginia, in North Carolina, California, Italy and Korea. Most of our business comes to us by referrals from satisfied customers or people who are familar with the quality of products we supply. Let us show you how your company can benefit from dealing with us on its next project. Call us at 757-488-4800 or email us at sales@smhinc.com