Hydraulic dock lifts to serve a wide variety of trucks. Installing one of these in your loading dock will make the UPS man your friend and your customers who show up in pickups brag about how much you care. Additionally having a docklift at your loading dock greatly reduces the chance of injury due to bending and lifting fatigue.

For Use With:

  • Hand Trucks
  • Platform Trucks
  • Pallet Jacks

Fork Lifts For Use On:

  • Grade level buildings
  • Raised loading docks
  • Interior and exterior applications

PowerLift Truck Levelers – If you can’t level the load, then level the truck . . .

  • PowerLift hydraulic truck levelers can safely raise and lower a trailer to match your dock.
  • Surface-mounted levelers can raise a trailer up to 30″ while pit-mounted units can raise or lower a trailer 18″ in either direction
  • Both models feature a self-contained power unit that is mounted separately from the leveler for faster, cost-effective servicing.

PowerSpan Bascule Bridges – Crossing Pits or Rail Tracks?

Bascule bridges permit safe crossing of railroad spurs and service ramps, and serve as convenient connection between buildings. PowerSpan smoothly travels from a stored vertical poistion to the horizontal for safe, easy cross-traffic movement. It features a compact, self-contained power unit and simple controls which can be mounted in any convenient location.

  • Standard capacities range from 23,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Standard single leaf bridges with widths from 8′ and lengths to 25′.
  • Double leaf bridge lengths up to 40′; widths up to 16′.


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