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Lubricants - Pen Lub
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Red Bullet Dehumidifies
Red Bullet Prevents rust
Red Bullet Lubricates
Red Bullet Cleanses in depth


Alarms, battery and battery chargers, fans, filing cabinets, cables, frames, circuit breaker, coils, slot machines, switches, locks, elevators, motors and generators, relays, assembly lines, machinery and equipment, bicycles, electric razor, lawnmowers, mine or marine equipment, tools, sonar, radar, radio equipment, wheels, windows and more.


The unique formula of PEN LUB is a combination of essential ingredients necessary in order to cleanse, lubricate and protect metal. PEN LUB lubricates sensitive mechanical, electrical and electronic devices. PEN LUB does not attract dust or dirt and does not become oxidized under high temperatures. Its superior anti-corrosive properties permits storage up to one year of large reservoirs, tools, accessories and electrical equipment. Excellent for every general and specialized need. PEN LUB is a Silicone free product that is harmless to plastics, metals and isolated parts.

With only one application PEN LUB penetrates the metal pores, disperses humidity, dissolves rust and metal flakes, cleans away grease and dirt while leaving behind a fine lubricating protective film.

PEN LUB may be sprayed on damp electric and electronic systems to rapidly get them back in good working order, while leaving a thin film which inhibits rust, for prolonged protection. Test (kV) D877 Dielectric Rigidity: 14,7 kV (14700 volts).

Do you have an application that requires a lubricant? For special challenges, give Southern Material Handling a call, (800) 336 -7818, or fax your application requirements to (757) 393-7374.

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