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Lubricants-Integral 7
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red ball bullet Logo for Integra 7 lubricantReduce oil consumption and exhaust smoke
red ball bullet Increase power by restoring compression
red ball bullet Reduce wear and corrosion.
red ball bullet Delay contamination.
red ball bullet Reduce "Blow-By" and crankcase oil
red ball bullet Better lubrication results under extreme
conditions of speed and pressure.
red ball bullet Strengthen your oil molecular chain.
red ball bullet Prevent and eliminate the formation of deposits.
red ball bullet Neutralize the alcohols.


INTEGRAL 7 's anti-friction formula forms a molecular film which reduces friction, heat and wear. INTEGRAL 7 prevents the formation of deposits and eliminates them. The special formula of friction modified agents and of organic polar elements adhere to metal. They do not burn up or evaporate at the engine's stop.

INTEGRAL 7 helps to maintain viscosity which prevents the oil from thinning at high temperatures.

INTEGRAL 7 seals the worn rings, prevents "blow-by" into the crankcase and prevents oil combustion. A better lubrication of worn bearings and lifters reduces the engine's sound and increases compression.

INTEGRAL 7 improves the power and efficiency of older engines. The engines last longer and need less maintenance.


Do you have an application that requires a lubricant? For special challenges, give Southern Material Handling a call, (800) 336 -7818, or fax your application requirements to (757) 393-7374.

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